Did you know there are multiple types of Branching frogspawn? This is the Thick/FAT polyp type Tiger Lily's has been growing in house and maintained this colony since 2015.  Unlike the Wall var.  or the Thin/Small Polyp type this Frogspwan has a robust hefty growth pattern that is seldom seen in the trade unless you find a old growth.  With the Austrailia restirctions tightening, Tiger Lily's is fortunate to have a robust mother colony of this amzing coral.

This Frogspawn has the Ultra metallic green stem with purple blue tips.

Branching Frogspawn

  • Species: Euphyllia divisa

    Common: Thick Polyp BRANCHING Frogspawn

    Category: STOCK (Picture is for reference only)

    Size: Priced PER Head



    Aquarium Size : 20 Gallon and Above

    ORIGIN: Aquaculture 

    Size: Each head is ~ Golf ball or larger

    Care Level: Easy

    Lighting: Moderate

    Placement: Bottom to Mid

    Temperament: Aggressive

    Waterflow: LOW to Moderate

    Classification: LPS

    Feeding: Not required, but will benifit from occasional feedings and TRACE elements.