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This torch has really neat growth, super bright green mouth that radiates a lessor green giving way to BLUE and PINK tips.


COTTON CANDY TORCH Euphyllia glabrescens

  • ORIGIN: Aquaculture

    Species: Euphyllia glabrescens

    Common: Cotton Candy Torch

    Category: LPS (Large Polyp Stony Coral)

    Size: 1 Head   

  • Placement: Low to Medium

    Water Flow: Low to Medium

    Lighting: Low to Medium-High (100-225 PAR)

    Feeding: Will benefit from occasional feedings of mysis and krill

    Aggression: Aggressive towards other corals, but can be touching other TORCH Euphyllia.
    Exception: Euphyllia torch corals will kill other non Torch Euphyllias.

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