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This monti has a metalic blue base, with yellow green polyps that have a red orange growth near the margin(growth edge)  A fast encruster and makes a GREAT choice for the Reef Skull Encrusters.

Poker Star Montipora

  • Species: Montipora sp

    Common: Poker Star

    Category: Stock Frag Coral (Picture is for refferecne) 

    Size: ~3/4 inch


    Aquarium Size : Nano and Above

    ORIGIN: Aquaculture

    Size: 3/4"

    Care Level: Easy

    Lighting: Low

    Placement: Bottom or Lower 1/3 IN MOST AQURIUMS 


    Waterflow: LOW

    Classification: SPS

    Feeding: WIll benifit from feeding.  Yet, NOT required.

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