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Springeri Damsel - Chrysiptera springeri  ARE THE FISH YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR! 

I know what you are thinkning DAMSELS NO WAY!!!! Now just hold on a second.  Yes Damsels can be mean.  However, when kept as a single fish the Springeri Damsel - Chrysiptera springeri are an asset.  SELDOM do they become aggressive when kept as a single fish.  The Springeri Damsel are FANTASTIC at keeping flat worm populations at bay.  STAFF PICK 


NOTE:  As babies they do not display the cool tribal coloration, so if you order be patient they will blosom in to real beauties.


Springeri Damsel - Chrysiptera springeri

  • Species:  Chrysiptera springeri

    Common:  Springeri Damsel 

    Category: Reef Safe Marine fish

    APROX Purchase Size: ~.5"-1" inches


    SPECIAL NOTE:Springeri Damsel - Chrysiptera springeri is easy to keep, they readily accept frozen mysis and brine, flake food, and pellet.

    Natural Ecology: Springeri Damsel - Chrysiptera springeri is an Inhabits sandy areas and shallow lagoons of the protected coastal bays. They often are found living with alpheid shrimps as a pair. 

    Aquarium Size : Nano and Above


    ORIGIN: Indo Pacific


    Feeding: Plankton, Mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, pellet and flake.


    Aggression: NOT Aggresive; This species is docile.

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