This Pocillopora was one of our first SPS corals in 2016 the colony now resides in our 200 Main Display is is ~8" round.  Grows Fast Grows and EASILY sexually reproduces for natural fragmentation. Great beginner's SPS or a fantastic addition to the most Salty of SPS or Mixed reef gardeners. 


Offers a beautiful metalic shimmer from the polyps over blue and green base this is a wonderful Pocillopora damicornis in day and night light settings. 

Tiger Lily's Mystic Pocillopora

  • Species: Pocillopora damicornis

    Common: Tiger Lilys Mystic Pocillopora

    Category: STOCK FRAG Coral (Picture is for reference)

    Size: ~1 inch


    Aquarium Size : Nano and Above

    ORIGIN: Aquacultured LONG TIME

    Size: 1"

    Care Level: Easy

    Lighting: Medium to VERY INTENSE

    Placement: Upper 2/3 or TOP 


    Waterflow: Medium to High

    Classification: SPS

    Feeding: WIll benifit from feeding.  Yet, NOT required.