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New to corals?  Don't be afraid of the SPS, many are quite easy to care for.  Also, offering a moderate growth rate with a wonderful coloration.

Small Polyp Stony corals consist of a wide array of corals.   Each section below will be devided into main group Genus. ie Acropora, Montipora etc. As the name Stony Coral suggest they are a hard corals.  These corals require calcium as well as other elements and minerals in the water to maintain and grow their skeletal structure.  The polyp is a reproductive and digestive part of the coral that will catch free floating organisms in the water column.  Many SPS corals will be best suited in a turbid aquarium environment.  Although, from one aquarist to another the recipe for success may differ; we will list our collective information for informative purposes.  If you have any thoughts or stories share them and you may be a highlighted Reefer on our site!

We SELL corals please call or email for available stock list.  As our stock is constantly in flux.  Due to the demand for certain corals we have showcased some of our favorites.

SPS: Product


Small Polyp Stony Coral

Blue Premium


Our recommendation
High Flow
pH: ~8.3
Calcium 420-430ppm
Phosphates =>0.5
Lighting: Intense strong Lighting (Acclimate ALL CORALS SLOWLY) We are using Kessil Ap700 LEDs;
*water changes completed at least once per month with quality reef specific salt will often times allow for the elements and trace minerals these corals need to thrive

Blue Acropora.JPG



Stunning coloration this variant of Acropora is known to be a great aquarium candidate.  As most Acro growth rate is slow so do not expect a mind blowing colony overnight.  Water quality and flow are key to success.

shortcake acropora.JPG


Galaxy (Blue and Purple Base)

The name says it all.  This Acro has an amazing showcase of yellow green polyps against a dark blue or purple skeletal structure.  Encrusting and branching this Acro does not disappoint.  A slow grower.  However, the contrast of polyp color gives it an appearance of a star lit sky

Galaxy Acropora.JPG


Green Terror


Radioactive Green Acropora

This coral is so neon green you will think someone threw a glow stick in your tank.  INTENSE MUCH

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